Based on Istanbul. Born in Kirklareli in 1987. He started his journey into music in 1995 at the age of 8 by playing the piano. Tunc, who received 4 years of piano and ear from Reha Dogruoz, went into the Percussion Department of Mimar Sinan Guzel Sanatlar Universitesi Devlet Konservutuari and studied under T. Mehmet Sokmen.He received training from Engin Gurkey in ethnic and latin percussions in 2001, received Drums training from Cengiz Baysal in 2002, studied with William Richard Cadoso in latin percussion in 2003, and finally in 2004 he received harmony lessons from Kamil Ozler. He started his professional career with Pasaporte Latin in 2001. He performed in many events and concerts with Teneffus a group playing their own creative songs, with an ethnic jazz/ ambient style; formed in 2004 and continued till 2008. Partook in his first album recording in 2004 with Onder Focan and Ercument Vural in the album “Kirmiziya Caliyor”. He did his first work as a musical producer in 2010 on Nada’s debut album Oda. He performed in a project titled “One Day A Man” and played many concerts.  One Day A Man  released album at 2017. A collaboration between with “Tork Dans” and “ O.D.A.M.” they performed the dance piece “Izole (Isolated)”.  From 2011-2013 he performed in many concerts with Puka, a group made up fromby Yasemin Ozler and Burak Irmak. Is an old member and musician for “Gevende” a group formed in 2014-2016, where he played the synthesisers and the drum machine. And he produced songs with Ceylan Ertem, Gokhan Turkmen, Ege Cubukcu, Grogi, Asli Demirer, Ediz Hafizoglu, Ozge Celikirmak. He released  first and own project titled “Voltage Controlled Music” at 2016.


     He performed in several events and festivals, such as; International Jazz Festival, Rock'n Coke, Masstival, İzmir Jazz Festival, Afyonkarahisar Jazz Festival, ITU Fest. , Ankara Jazz Festival, Alanya Jazz Festival, Efes Pilsen One Love Festival, Monte-Carlo Sporting Summer Festival 2014 and 2015, Odtü MT 20. Traditional Rock Fest, Sanatonia Valetin Festival, Nilufer Music Festival, Summer in the Cities and many others. 


     Today, He is working on his new album. Also in 2011 he began working as a percussionist for Gokhan Turkmen. Starting in 2013 he started performing in concerts as a percussionist for Tarkan.


Worked as Musician and Groups

  • 123

  • Bora Uzer

  • Kangroove

  • Teneffüs

  • Mira

  • Korhan Futacı

  • Sertab Erener

  • Demir Demirkan

  • Fahir Atakoğlu

  • Okay Temiz

  • Atiye

  • Amik Guerra

  • Steve Smith

  • Aşkın Arsunan

  • Stimulus (Analog People)

  • Danovan Mixon

  • Ceylan Ertem

  • Ricardo Moyano




  • Gevende

  • Robby Ameen

  • Steve Adelson

  • Robert Owens

  • Pasaporte Latino

  • Önder Focan

  • Cengiz Baysal

  • Sibel Köse

  • İmer Demirer

  • Ercüment Vural

  • Volkan Öktem

  • Sarp Maden

  • Levent Altındağ

  • Nada

  • Oğuz Büyükberber

  • Yaşar

  • Işın Karaca

  • Emir Ersoy

  • Aslı Demirer





Recorded Albums & Productions 

2004 - * (Percussion) album “Kirmiziya Caliyor” by Ercument Vural- Onder Focan Project


2006 - * (Vibraphone) album “Candy & Milkshake” by Cengiz Baysal.


             * (Percussion) song “Sweet Lady” on the EP by Jay-Lai (Bora Uzer).


             * (Percussion) album “Ask Vardi” by Erdal Kizilcay.


             * (Percussion) album 'Bulmaca' by Bertug Cemil.


2008 - * (Music Design, Arraignment) the play “Cikis (Exit)” with Baris Erturk, choreographed by Didem Ertan. .

            * (Drums) album “Kiyilarin Ardi” by Fatih Yasar.

            * (Percussion) 2 songs in the album “Sahici” by Deniz Seki.


2009 - * (Vibraphone) song “Simdi” in 123’s album ‘Aksel’.


2010 - * (Producer, Arraignment, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer) He produced and arranged the music for the                 album “Oda” by Nada a group started by Miray Kurtulus (Mira) and Selen Hunerli(Norda). Right before                   the album came out the song  titled “Gece Dustu (Night Fell)” was released in a collective album called               “I Love Istanbul” in Germany.

            * (Pandeiro) song “Bugun (Today)” in the album “Love Alla Turca” by Deniz Gungor.


2011 -  * (Percussion) album “10 Sarki 10 Sarkici” by Emir Ersoy Projecto Cubano.

            * (Percussion) album “But Beautiful” by Ayse Gencer.

            * (Music Production, Programming Synth. & Drums, Percussion) Made a remix version of the song “Seveni               Ariyorum” for the album “Itiraz” by Soner Sarikabadayi.

            * (Music Production, Arraignment, Percussion) album titled “Gazla Remix” he handled the musical                          production and arraignments for 4 songs, and played in;
             Sila - ‘Acisada Oldurmez’,
             Erkin Koray Feat Adnan Karaduman - ’Saskin’,
             Gazla - ‘Beklentisi Yok’.

2012 - * (Arraignment, Drums) Co-Arraigned the song ‘Kapilamam’ with Burak Irmak and arranged and played the              drums in the song ‘Bekle’ in the album “Bekle” by Deger Deniz.

             * (Drum Machine, Synthesizer) music written by Baris Erturk and Serkan Emre Ciftci in the dance theatre              “Izole” choreographed by Tan Temel and Sernaz Demirel.

             * (Drums and Percussion) Cem Ozel’s album “Inim Inim”.

             * (Percussion) Gokhan Turkmen's album “Ara”.

             * (Percussion) Emir Ersoy’s album “Karnaval”.

2013 -    * (Co-producer, Percussion) Asli Demirel’s first single “O Sarki”

             * (Programmed Drums) song in Tugba Yurt’s album “Ask’a Emanet”.

2014 -  * (Music Production, Arraignment, Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone) Gokhan Turkmen’s album “En Bastan”               Arranged the song “Yaramaz” from the album. Programmed the synthesizer and edited the album.


             * (Vibraphone) Essiz ve Zamansiz, a song from Dorian’s self titled album “Dorian”, which later on                           became the first song  chosen for a music video.


             * (Sound Designer) Osman Dinc’s sound installation project ‘Noise’ and prepared music for an                              exhibition.

             * (Drums) Gokhan Varol version of Asli Demirer’s song “Madem”.


             * (Percussion) GT Band version of Asli Demirer’s song “Madem”.


             * (Vibraphone, Percussion) Aylin Zoi’s album “Mecaz”.

             * (Drums) song “Herseyden Cok”, sung by Emre Aydin, in the Best of Kayahan album titled ‘Kayahan’a                  Saygi (Respect for  Kayahan)’.


             * (Co-Producer, Sound Design, Synthesiser, Percussions) Two Songs in Ediz Hafizoglu’s album                                ‘Nazdirave’ ‘Eye of a Hurricane’ song by  Elif Caglar, and also ‘Kutlu Olsun’ sung by Elif Caglar                              and Ceylan Ertem. He edited both songs. Programmed the Synthesizer and Drums for the songs.

             * (Percussion) Dolunay Obruk’s album ‘Yalnizca’, arraigned and composed by Cagri Sertel.


2015 -   * (Glocken Spiel, Percussion) Aylin Zoi’s new single ‘Ask Biter’


             * (Percussion)  Dilek Turkan’s album  "Suya Soyledim"


             * (Vibraphone) song by Steve Nistor titled ‘Buddha at Nightfall’ on an album 'Full Moon Theory' by Berke                Can Ozcan titled ‘ Big Beats Big Times’ alongside names like Blair Sinta, Erland Dahleen, Kenny                            Wollesen, Gunnar Hallle, Arto Tuncboyaciyan, and Jack Irons.


             * (Music Production,Arraignment, Programmed Sythesizer & Drums) As GT Band on Gökhan Türkmen ‘Çatı               Katı’ Remix 


             * (Drums) Song 'Beni Hatirlar' in the album by "Nukleer Baslikli Kiz"


             * (Percussion) Dilara Sakpinar's album "Oraya Dogru"


             * (Percussion) The Ringo Jets's Ep "Evil Eye, Vol.1" and "Evil Eye, Vol.2"


             * (Percussion) Biz's Ep "Geceleri Gel"


             * (Percussion) Kenan Doğulu’s new single ‘Ask ile Yap’


             * (Drums) "Limonata" Directed by Ali Atay . Music by Okan Kaya, Ahmet Kenan BIlgic, Taner Yucel


             * (Percussion) Can Bayrak’s new single ‘Isiklar Altinda’ and new album 'Belki Sen Belki Ben'

             * (Music Production, Arraignment, Drums & Percussion) Asli Demirer’s new single ‘Saat 12'


             * (Percussion, Glocken Spiel) Asli Demirer and Gokhan Turkmen’s new single ‘Korkak’

             * (Percussion, Vibraphone, Electronics) Gevende’s live concert album  ‘St.Antuan Live’


2016  -  * (Percussion, Glocken Spiel) Aysegul Aldinc and Gokhan Turkmen's song 'Durum Leyla;'


             * (Drums, Percussion) Burcu Kisakurek's album 'Cesaret' played 'Ask Halleri' and 'Bir Duysam'

             * (Drums. Percussion) album 'Sarilinca Gecer' by Ferhat Polat

             * (Mix) "Bir Evlilikten Sahneler" "Mintika" Theatre writter: Ingmar Bergman , adapting: Serap Matyaş ,                       director: Umut Gülçin Gülseçgin , music: Serkan Emre Çiftçi

             * (Percussion) album 'Kırık Kalpler Albümü' by Sertab Erener

             * (Drums. Percussion) album 'Yeni Nesil' by Murat Ceylan

             * [Drums] single 'Yeni Bir Hikayem Var' by Gulcan Ersoy

             * [Music Production, Arraignment, Programmed] Ozge Celikirmak's song 'An Gelir'

             * [Music Production, Composer, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer] album 'Voltage Controlled                     Music' by Tunc Cakir

             * [Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone] album 'Sessiz' by Gokhan Turkmen  

             * (Drums, Percussion, Glocken Spiel) Asli Demirer’s album ‘Dunyanin En Ask Yeri'

             * [Mix} "Sarmasik" Directed by Tolga Karacelik, Music and Sound Design by Ahmet Kenan BIlgic

             * [Music Production, Arraignment, Programmed Synthesizers and Drums] Ege Cubukcu's song 'Recete'

             * (Music Production, Music, Programming Synth. & Drums, Arraignment, Mix) Azar's song 'Armani'

2017  -  * (Music Production, Programming Synth. & Drums, Arraignment, Mix) Made a remix version of the song                   “Hicbir Seyimsin” for the album “YInede Amin” by Ceylan Ertem.

             * (Music Production, Composer,Arraingment, Edit, Vibraphone, Percussion) album 'Bir Gun Bir Adam'                         (One Day a Man) 

             * (Music Production, Composer, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer ) songs 'Hazy' and 'Blue                         Room(feat.ludoWic)' complation album 'Square Planning Wic, Vol.1'

             * (Percussion, Glocken Spiel) Seyma Ozbay’s album ‘Zaman'

2018 -   * (Music Producer, Arraignment, Sound Designer, Mix) Ege Cubukcu feat. Gokhan Turkmen + Asli                                 Demirer's single 'Calkala' 

              * (Music Producer, Arraignment, Edit, Synthesizer, Vibraphone) Ahmet Faik Dokmeci's album 'Bir Kac                       Yilin Oykusu'


              * (Arraignments, Percussion) Gokhan Turkmen' single 'Lafu Guzaf'

              * (Percussion) Mabel Matiz's singles 'Ya Bu Isler' and 'Oyle Kolaysa'

              * (Music Producer, Arraignment, Sound Designer, Edit, Mix, Drums, Percussion) songs 'Saka Saka' and                    'Gunun Birinde' Grogi's album 'Bir Cevabim Var'

              * [Music Production, Composer, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizers, Drums] album 'Voltage'                         by Tunc Cakir

              * (Percussion) single 'Coo Coo' by In Hodies

              * (Percussion) single 'Acik Cay' by Demet Sagiroglu

              * (Percussion) single 'El Insaf' by Jale

              * [Mix, Percussion) album "Synesthesia" by Gokhan Turkmen

              * [Mix) album "Zaman" by Ekin Beril

              * (Music Production, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer ) remix 'Emre Kula-My Way' by Tunc Cakir

              * (Music Production, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer ) two remix 'Ekin Beril-Son' by Tunc Cakir

2019 -   * (Music Producer, Arraignment, Sound Designer, Mix, Drums)  album 'Virgul' by Gokhan Turkmen

             * (Percussion) single 'Deva Bize Sevisler' by Yalin

             * (Percussion) album 'Recalibrated Expectations' by In Hodies


             * (Percussion) single 'Katakulli' by Ayse Hatun Onal

             * (Music Production, Sound Design, Composer, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer ) single 'Blue Room KZ                            Version' album 'Katana Zero Soundtrack OST' by Tunc Cakir

             * (Music Production, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer ) remix 'Ludowic - Katana Zero' album                     'Katana Zero Remix OSTby Tunc Cakir

              * (Percussion) single 'Sarila Sarila' by Melek Mosso

              * (Music Production, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Rhodes,                                                Percussion single 'Nereye' by Ufuk Atar

               * (Music Production, Sound Design, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer ) remix 'Miya - I Tried to Get Away'                           by Tunc Cakir

               * (Music Producer, Mix, Recorded, Drums, Percussions)  single 'Askin Enkazi' by Gokhan Turkmen

               * (Music Producer, Mix, Recorded, Drums, Percussions)  single 'Sir' by Gokhan Turkmen

               * (Percussion) album 'Entropi' by Dolunay Obruk

               * (Percussion) single 'Mumkun Degil' by Eskiz

               * (Percussion) single 'Firtinalar Koparken' by Eskiz

2020 -    * (Music Producer, Mix, Recorded, Drums, Percussion)  single 'Gulmedi Kader' by Gokhan Turkmen

               * (Music Production, Sound Design, Araignment, Mix, Recorded, Synthesizer, Percussion) single 'Nerde'                   by Nukhet Duru and Mabel Matiz

                * (Music Producer, Mix, Recorded, Glockenspiel)  single 'Kagit' by Gokhan Turkmen

                * (Music Producer, Mix, Recorded, Glockenspiel)  single 'Bout D'Histroire' by Gokhan Turkmen

                * (Percussion) single 'Senden Sonra' by Mert Carim

                * (Percussion) single 'Diken' by Birkan Nasuhoglu

                * (Music Producer, Mix, Recorded, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Percussion)  single 'Ask' by Gokhan                               Turkmen

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